Xiaomi Group East China Headquarters


It is located in Jianye District, Nanjing, the nature of the site is research and design land (B29a), which consists of three plots.
Construction site area: Lot A: 7696.43m², Lot B: 21796.06m², Lot C: 30057.89m²
Construction scale: total construction area: 371,810m²; of which, above-ground capacity area: 236,677m²; underground construction area: 135,133m².
The concept of the project is to create an office building that integrates with the city and enhances the social value of the region as advocated by Xiaomi.
The proposal uses simple architectural language to realize four important core concepts: urban block-style architecture, building clusters linked by axes, permeable openness to introduce rich natural landscape around, and vertical green roof greening to create an ecological building.
This project is a very good opportunity to verify the innovative design concept of industry zone-industry city-community that has been mentioned in previous projects. The three plots were conceptually designed by three Japanese architect studios, and our company carried out the whole design process from concept to expansion. Unfortunately, due to internal and external reasons, after the completion of the first round of planning submissions, the construction company terminated the contract with the Japanese architect studios and us.