Wuxi Wanda Tourism & Cultural Resort


Wuxi Wanda Tourism & Cultural Resort is located in Shanshui Town, Binhu District, Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province, north of Nanhu Middle Road.To the east of Nanhu North Road and west of Yuanxi Road. The project includes a six-star hotel, a five-star hotel, two four-star hotels, and two three-star hotels. Our design scope is four-star hotel, the total building area is about 43,968 square meters, and the number of keys is 399.
In the local architecture of Wuxi, the hip-and-gable roof and the gable roof are often used. The white wall is in sharp contrast with the gray eaves. In the roof design of the hotel, we combine the ridge line of the peak of the hip-and-gable roof to form a curved slope top, which has the beautiful arc of the garden architecture and the local residence.
The brand originally determined by the hotel is the Novotel of Accor. After the complete completion of the construction drawing with the interior decoration, the functional positioning of the entire project has been subvertedly adjusted due to the use of land and funds. The three-star Hotels and the Four-Star Hotels were cancelled, adding a five-star hotel and the entire hotel complex turned into a six-star hotel and two five-star hotels. Our design task suddenly became a six-star hotel, of course, this is another project now.