Shanghai LinGang New City BRT Stations


BRT is also known as the bus rapid transit system. It operates on buses, combined with fully dedicated or partially dedicated road rights and rail system operations, providing fast、flexible and low-cost public transport services.
This is the first BRT line in Shanghai Lingang New City . The initial planning BRT line is 18.35 kilometers long; there are 22 stations in total, of which the first and last stations are set as hub stations; the average station distance is 834 meters; the average transportation speed is 27 kilometers/hour; the entire line running time takes about 40 minutes. The design of the station mainly considers the location as the intersection, a small number is located in the road section; the two-way station is mainly based on the road conditions, flexible adjustment, near-long-term combination, setting the station docking berth, selling ticket checking facilities, etc.; convenient and regular bus, other Transportation mode transfer; reserved P&R parking and transfer land, especially bikes and motorbikes parking land.
finally, because the population of the port area at that time could not support this bus rapid transit system, it would be gone. Of course, there are already subways in, and It will not be consider this kind of public transport system for the time being in this area.