Quantum Perception Industrial Center


Quantum Perception Industrial Center is located in Huishan District, Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province. The park covers an area of 116,900 square meters, with a total planned construction area of 311,300 square meters, including 269,000 square meters of above-ground construction area. 
This project is developed by the government, and the real owner is a quantum research and development institution led by academician Du Jiangfeng, but the demand of the institution for building scale is not large, only one-third of the approved building area is needed. And the land is located in the industrial zone, the surrounding industrial enterprises for the new base of the demand is relatively strong. Therefore the government reached an agreement with a machinery manufacturer to use a portion of the site as the manufacturer’s new headquarters. Considering the introduction and growth of talents in the future, another office building for incubating enterprises was reserved in the base. At the same time, considering the living and leisure needs of the production, office and research personnel in the base, apartment buildings, dormitory buildings, as well as catering and entertainment and other ancillary functions have been set up in the base. Thus, the base accommodates a machinery factory, a research and development institution, a corporate office building and corresponding living, leisure and entertainment facilities. As a piece of research land, but mixed into so many production, research and development, office, living and other functions, is bound to bring unavoidable contradiction and complexity to the architectural design, of course, “By embracing contradiction as well as complexity, I aim for vitality as well as validity.” Therefore, in the face of such diverse work scenes in the whole base, how to make them independent and integrated with each other became the focus of the design.
Considering the logistics, process and relatively noisy production environment of the machine factory, the design sets it in a relatively independent area on the north side, which is relatively isolated from the park by a green wall and a wide main road. Six multi-story office buildings of research and development institutions are arranged in a group at the center of the park, which together enclose a large volume of central green space. Considering the access of laboratory equipment, a cargo flow space is set up adjacent to the machinery factory area in the north. The southwest corner is a visual center area with several surrounding plots, so several high-rise apartment buildings are considered to be arranged in this area as a living area, relatively independent from the production area and closely connected with the surrounding plots. The independently operated office buildings for incubatees are configured in the southeast corner of the site, facing the city and relatively isolated from the production area. With the injection of these functions, it is conceivable that all kinds of people will intermingle in this 110,000 square meters of land, and the time utilized by the park functions will continue from 8 hours to various time periods throughout the day, bringing popularity and vitality to the whole industrial park.
This project is a preliminary attempt to make the innovation of industrial park to industrial city to community. The project is still in progress and it is not known whether it will be successful or not.