North Hongqiao Greenland Metropolis Project


The project is located in the North Hongqiao Community, Jiangqiao Town, Jiading District, and is divided into two plots, East Block and West Block. The air limit is 48 meters and the total construction area is 98,000 square meters.
The East Block is a commercial land, in which two high-rise office towers and two multi-storey office buildings are arranged, and retail shops are arranged on the first floor.
The West Block is a commercial, catering and hotel land, in which a 25,000 square meter five-star standard hotel, as well as two high-rise office towers, and a comprehensive commercial plaza in the podium area.
Because the office is sold by layer, the design uses a standardized design of 300 square meters, 600 square meters, 900 square meters and 1500 square meters for different customer needs. And distributed a variety of three-dimensional garden space such as sky garden, terrace courtyard, etc., to create a elegant office environment.
The hotel has a number of keys of 250, a width of 70 meters and a depth of 22 meters. The front field is furnished with a 50-meter-deep landscape and pavement to form a spatial transition. As a contrast, the visual image of the main entrance can be highlighted. The park on the northeast side of the plot can also be included in the hotel supporting system to enhance the quality of the hotel.