Nanjing Municipal Highway Administration office building


The construction of the Nanjing Municipal Highway Administration headquarter office building is located at No. 147, Shuangbai Alley, Xiaolingwei Street, Xuanwu District. The land area is 4,558 m2. The proposed building area is about 7,290 m2 above ground and the underground is about 2000 m2. The project is a program bidding method, with a total of 6 units participating.
Since an office building contains two units, the office and the road administration detachment, the operations are independent, and at the same time, some auxiliary facilities are shared. Therefore, in the design, the “back-shaped” layout is adopted in combination with the current terrain. The two parts of the function are independent of each other through the inner courtyard, the multi-functional space and the auxiliary facilities are inserted in the joint area.