Evergrande Shijiazhuang Water World


The project has a total site area of 436,000 square meters and consists of 6 venues with a total construction area of 115,500 square meters. The concept plan was completed by Lava Architects, and our company participated in the LDI bidding for the two venues, the Arena and the Fun Pavilion. The first phase of the task is to optimize the program of the form skin, reduce the construction area, reduce the building height, reduce the surface area of the curtain wall, control the number of hyperbolic single curved slab ratio, determine the structural form, and control the cost while not weakening the beauty of the original building shape volume.
For this project, the company hired a parametric design team, a structural consultant team, a curtain wall consultant team, a Drainage consultant. Unfortunately, the project was stopped after the first phase of program deepening was completed, as the cost still exceeded the owner’s expectation.