CRL NANTONG MIXED is located in Gangzha District of Nantong City, west of Changhua Road, south to Yongyi Road and north to Yonghe Road. The project consists of a five-storey shopping mall, a 30,000-square-meter commercial pedestrian street, a 165-meter super high-rise soho office building and a 122-meter super high-rise commercial office building, which constitutes four functions on the ground. With a commercial area of nearly 200,000 square meters, the project adopts a modern business model of “experience, one-stop, full-service” in the layout of the business, including Nantong’s first true ice rink in line with Olympic standards, luxury international audio-visual theaters, and international boutique supermarkets. The new sports concept gym, large children’s playground, etc.
This project is a collaborative design project with MG2. I am mainly responsible for the commercial street and the 165-meter soho tower.
The commercial part has been completed and the soho tower is still under construction.