A15 highway housing construction project


The A15 highway (now the number has been changed to S32) is from Pudong International Airport in the east, and the west is connected to the Shen-Jia-Hu highway in Zhejiang. With a total length of more than 83.5 kilometers, it can divert the current traffic from the outer line to Pudong Airport.
The A15 highway main line toll station management area is located in the border of Zhejiang Province, north of Yaozhuang Town, Jiashan County. As an important part of the A15 highway housing construction project, the construction of the main line toll station management area will further promote the improvement of the entire highway system. Effectively alleviating the traffic pressure on the Shanghai-Hangzhou Highway, creating a “three-hour traffic circle” in the “Yangtze River Delta” and strengthening the links between Shanghai and the northern part of Zhejiang Province are of great significance for accelerating the economic development and urbanization of urban agglomerations in the region.
The total land area of the project is 18,640 m2 and the total construction area is 2,119 m2. The building is small, so there is an opportunity for me to take charge of the complete process from the plan to the construction. Although the design uses a sloping roof, it is Modernism. Adjust the force logic of the building with lines to increase the sense of order, and at the same time contrast with the staggered sloping roof to form a stable and changing visual contrast.