Arch Home

You say to Brick, “What do you want, Brick?” And brick says to you, “I like an Arch.” And you say to Brick, “Look, I want one too, but arches are expensive, and I can use a concrete lintel over you, over an opening.” And then you say,”What do you think of that, brick?” Brick says, “I like an Arch.”
Tired of the duplicate“box buildings” in the city, people seem to have more imaginations about the arches on those ancient buildings. Compared with“abstinence”in the straight line, the masonry arches have been to be a representative of romance, nobleness and quality. People have forgotten that the earliest birth of the arch vouchers was only a retrospective of the living conditions of the ancient times (thatched cottages). “But arches are expensive,” especially the arch vouchers built by traditional techniques. However, with the continuous production of new materials, the creation of arch vouchers has become a very convenient process, which can be easily done using gypsum board or GRC. This also makes it possible to add some retro and romantic ideas to the contemporary home.
“Doors and Passages analyzes how ordinary elements of a plan and their arrangements interact and shape occupancy. A simple corner or window opening is in fact inscribed with a complex matrix of spatial relationships that determine how a space is used.” So the arches on the doors, windows, passages and the curves of corners have soften the interior space, as well as brought some romantic.
However, the arch that had lost the role of “arch action” seems to be tiny “frivolous.”